We have a variety of volunteer placements that are carefully selected by our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors spends ample time in the local community to determine where and how volunteers are needed so the time and talents of the volunteers can be assigned and utilized responsibly.

We accept individuals, groups of friends, schools/colleges/universities under internship, work based learning or field trips, faculty/staff seeking professional development, corporate, and church groups/missions.

Placements are available in the Nairobi area (including Kibera), Maasailand area (with the Maasai people), Nakuru, and Mombassa.

Volunteer in Education: (Community and Government Schools) Volunteers can teach general education, specialize in music, sports, or special education, or assist administrators with the overall functioning of the school.

Volunteer in Women’s Empowerment: Volunteers can participate in the outreach and education of women regarding HIV and AIDS, other women’s health and family matters, skill building/economic skills that assist them to reach self sufficiency.

Volunteer in Rescue Centers: This placement is carefully selected and great care must be taken by the volunteer to consider the emotional impact that abuse, neglect or abandonment has upon the clients they serve. Volunteers can assist with skill building (vocational or preparing to enter school with basic subjects) or daily care for the younger clients aged 0-6 years old.


Are you a college/university student or group seeking opportunity in your field of study? We have additional placements for you!

Cosmetology: The Power Women Hair Salon in Kibera serves the local people with braiding, natural hair care, and general hygiene. This Salon was created as part of the Power Women Program where women with HIV/AIDS. They learned basic skills in this profession to where they can serve the community which provides them with a source of income. The Power Women program has assisted the women to reach self sufficiency in the community as well as continue to conduct the support and outreach groups. They seek students or graduates of Cosmetology who would like to work along side of them and continue to teach them new techniques.

Building and Construction: Students or graduates of such program of study are needed in various placements such as schools or communities. Schools are often fixing the metal roofing or attempting to add additional classroom space to serve the students. In addition, communities appreciate chicken coops, corrals to maintain their animals which are often the only source of food or income for a community. The coops and corrals help them minimize loss to wild animals or theft. There are also opportunities to assist families in communities move from mud structures to wood/metal structures where/when possible.

Animal Science/Agriculture: Students or graduates of such program of study are needed in communities to assist them to learn how to grow food or manage their livestock. Most of the livestock dependency is found in the Maasai community (cows, goats, sheep, and chickens). Students would be able to assist the Maasai people with learning skills to manage their livestock or the process of reproduction, as well as how to cultivate crops for food that can serve the animals and people in the drier seasons when food is scarce.

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement: Students or graduates of such program are able to visit the local prison. This opportunity is limited to only criminal justice or law enforcement due to the sensitive nature of the environment. Students who are interested in this program must also select volunteer area to work in as the visits to the prison would not be an everyday/all day activity but it would offer short term visits throughout the duration of their stay. Students who engage in this visit must understand the risks of security associated with it and sign additional liability waivers. The work would allow a student to shadow those who work in the prisons to see operations and have conversation with inmates identified as most appropriate by the prison.

Business and Accounting: Students or graduates of such program of study are able to support the components of other community programming in women’s empowerment and special needs. The Power Women group has a small sales shop of their crafts that they sell to the community and tourists which supports their buying materials, medications, etc. Students of the past started a web page where sales are taking place world wide and this group of women are shipping their crafts. They can use support for managing their shop, sales and books as well as ideas on marketing and advertising.  The school that serves those with special needs also has a craft shop within their school that operates the same way. We also have other members in the community that have small shops that would be grateful for the time and skills a student could offer.

Web Design/IT: The Networks for Voluntary Services main office is always appreciating students or graduates of this program of study to assist with website updates and management, assisting with the computers in the office, and data base management.


Are you a company or organization bringing your employees to Kenya to do a little team building while serving others? Let us know if you would like to build a classroom, a chicken coop, or other ideas that you may have to serve the community together.