Ellina’s happiness comes from within

29938966_2402951676397658_705238605_nEllina grew up in the South of the United Kingdom and came to Kenya to volunteer in   education.  She has been volunteering at the Hope Missionary School for almost three months and over those three months, she has been quite busy!

She spends most of her time planning lessons for her students and even schedules time for games and other fun activities.

We would like to share a little more about where Ellina is volunteering in Kenya
Hope Missionary School has a Principal who helped build this programme for those in the community who would not attend government schools due to the location/distance or pay school fees of another private learning center. Education is important and should be available for everyone so one of the locals helped create and build this school. The students range from age 10 months to 10 years old and there are currently 35 children that come to this program offered daily.
We asked Ellina what she thought about the Principal and she said……
“Dorcas is the most amazing and incredible woman I ever met because she does this on her own so the support and partnership with Networks for Voluntary Services for more helping hands is imperative to the success of the program that serves the local community. Without it, these students would not have anywhere to learn.”
Ellina also wants others to know that…….
“Dorcas is a very well meaning person, selfless, she lives in a one room house with her three kids and husband and felt this was her calling to create a place where she could take care of the kids that were in the street or could not afford to be cared for. She cares for these children  and never asks for anything, she is there and is grateful for anyone’s help. Dorcas is true hearted and puts others before herself.”
Ellina, what do you feel you will take away from this experience of volunteering in Kenya?
“Being here in Kenya offered more experiences that just volunteering. I have made the most amazing new friends that will be friends for the rest of my life as we all shared the experience of volunteering in Kenya together. I have made new friends that I already plan to see in their other countries. 
Materialism is not important and happiness comes from within. This is one thing I have learned about life by being here. I learned what it means to appreciate things in life. 
My hope is that I have impacted the students here by being a loving and caring influence and taking care of them because I want to and I want to be there for them.”
A bit more about Ellina: She studied English Literature, the Performing Arts, history and math. In her home country, she works as an Events and Banquets Supervisor, but left that position in order to come to Kenya and volunteer. “I knew that this experience would change my life and open up new doors with new perspectives that will be of great benefit in my future career.”
When we asked Ellina what was next, she said that she will keep us posted. We are thankful to have had Ellina here volunteering in our community and will miss her when she returns to her home country in the United Kingdom. We know she will continue to do great things in the world as she already has done for the community here in Kenya!